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  • Internationalization & Entrepreneurship: Diversity Stimulates Creativity​

    2020-05-28      15

    Internationalization & Entrepreneurship: Diversity Stimulates CreativityA favorite saying of mine is "There is no such thing as original thought, only your original composition of what you have seen, heard experienced!", so the creativi

  • International Students

    2020-05-28      12

    International StudentsYunnan Hanwen Education Investment Group realizes the globalization internationalization are the major sectors of developing education in the 21st century. To follow this track, institutions under our groups have recruited excel

  • Apply

    2020-05-28      14

    Apply Under the Hanwen Education Investment Group, there are Yunnan University of Business Management, Yunnan Medical Health College, Yunnan Polytechnic College, Hanwen International, in total of four educational institutions. Students can apply