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    Yunnan 万博manbext官网下载_manbext万博官网_万博网页版登陆 Won the "2019 Brand Strength Education Group" of CCTV

    2020年05月27日      0      不详

    Yunnan 万博manbext官网下载_manbext万博官网_万博网页版登陆 Won the "2019 Brand Strength Education Group" of CCTV


    On December 13, 2019, the CCTV Education Summit was held in Beijing, at which the outstanding elites, units and institutions in this year's education sector were commended. Yunnan 万博manbext官网下载_manbext万博官网_万博网页版登陆 won the title of "2019 Brand Strength Education Group". Yang Hongwei, Chairman of the board, attended the award ceremony and received an exclusive interview with cctv.com.


    With the theme of "Empowering the future with science and technology", this education summit invites leaders of relevant departments, well-known experts, scholars, business leaders and media personages to share and discuss the development path and mode of China's education under the new situation, and disseminate advanced teaching concepts and methods. In the award evaluation process, the conference continued the strict evaluation process of CCTV education, and selected the industry education pioneer of the year through media nomination, netizens voting, microblog interaction and expert evaluation. Yunnan 万博manbext官网下载_manbext万博官网_万博网页版登陆 won the "2019 Brand Strength Education Group" award with its strong brand strength, competitiveness and wide influence in the field of higher vocational education.


    Yang Hongwei, Chairman of the board of directors, said of the awards awarded by the conference: "This is the recognition of Yunnan Hanwen education by the organizers, which is both affirmation and encouragement. As an education organizer, what we can do is to live up to the good intentions of the organizers, remember our original intentions in the future education work, bear in mind our mission, forge ahead, as always do education to the satisfaction of the people, and train more excellent talents for the country. "


    "If education prospers, the country prospers; if education is strong, the country is strong.". CCTV.com has always paid attention to and supported the development of China's education. It hopes to hold this education summit and further communicate with senior people in the industry, so that more practitioners can take fewer detours in the reform and development of the education industry, see more opportunities and get good development. It also hopes that in the new era of science and technology development, technology empowerment education can enable China's education. The education industry can keep up with the times, constantly improve the quality, and obtain higher, better and faster development.

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