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    Group Information


    Yunnan Hanwen Education Investment Group is a professional, diversified, and internationalized education investment and management company which has experienced rapid growth together with the dramatic development of private education in China. The Group focuses on the field of vocational education and provides high-quality vocational education resources and services from the aspects of education model, educational products, and faculty management.

    Now the Group has more than 1800 employees and 3 billion of total assets. The Group contains Yunnan University of Business Management, Yunnan Medical Health College, and Yunnan Polytechnic College as well as over 10 Education oriented subsidiary companies.


    Yunnan University of Business Management, founded and approved by the Chinese Ministry of Education in 1992 is a full-time practice- oriented undergraduate university with the qualification of issuing degrees and diplomas independently. The university has more than 36,000 students and has developed into a well-known domestic application-oriented undergraduate university that integrates economy, management, engineering, literature, science, law and medicine.


    Yunnan Medical Health College, founded in 2018, is a full-time medical college established separately based on the Medical College of Yunnan University of Business Management. Under the approval of the Ministry of Education of China, the college has the qualification to issues diploma independently.


    Yunnan Polytechnic College is a full-time general higher vocational college jointly invested and held by Yunnan Energy Investment Group a large state-owned enterprise in Yunnan Province; and Yunnan Xinghan Education Management Co., Ltd., a subsidiary company of Hanwen Education Investment Group. It has the qualification to issues diploma. Independently. Since 2019, it has officially started enrolling students.

    Yunnan 万博manbext官网下载_manbext万博官网_万博网页版登陆 adheres to the national strategy of standardizing and promoting the development of private education, and is committed to investing in the development of China's vocational education according to meet the demand of individualized education and employment-orientation in the education market. It provides high-quality

    vocational education resources and services in terms of education mode, education products, teachers and management. There are more than ten subsidiary companies, with businesses involving education, financial investment, and other fields.

    By recent years of development, Group’s strategical layout and design of three business sectors of school education, education industry, and financial investment has been formed. The advantages of collectivized school-running model, including faculty, resource and equipment sharing have been achieved. Yunnan 万博manbext官网下载_manbext万博官网_万博网页版登陆 has formed a development pattern in which industry, enterprise and school participate through group education, integration of production and education, and school-enterprise cooperation.

    Today, Yunnan 万博manbext官网下载_manbext万博官网_万博网页版登陆 is committed to build a new education system of multi-directional and multi-level education in a wild range of areas, creating a modern high- quality education group of learning and innovation, so that every student can receive a holistic education and become an all-round talent with solid professional skills, excellent comprehensive qualities and a bright future, and standing on the cusp of a new era, Yunnan Hanwen Education Investment Group and its institutions will play active roles in the national strategy, serving regional economic and social development, promoting “industrial upgrading and transformation”, as well as providing more high-quality technical talents for the local economic development. Yunnan 万博manbext官网下载_manbext万博官网_万博网页版登陆 is strived to build the premium brand of Yunnan’s higher vocational education.