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    Yunnan University of Business and Management Carries Out the Activities for Promoting Friendship for the Overseas Returnees

    2020年06月09日      0      不详

    Yunnan University of Business and Management Carries Out the Activities for Promoting Friendship for the Overseas Returnees


    On the morning of June 6th, Yunnan University of Business Management organized a fellowship activity for overseas returnees in the Health Care Center of the Haiyuan campus. Yang Hongwei, Chairman of Yunnan 万博manbext官网下载_manbext万博官网_万博网页版登陆, Yunnan University of Business Management, Yunnan Medical Health College, Yunnan Polytechnic College; Ping Jin, Secretary of the Party Committee of Yunnan University of Business Management, Jia Yong, President of Yunnan Medical Health College, Li Shanhua, President of Yunnan Polytechnic College, and Liu Ya, the Assistant President, attended the event. Yang Ling, Vice President of 万博manbext官网下载_manbext万博官网_万博网页版登陆, Wang Li, Director of Human Resources, Song Feiyu, Assistant Director of Education and Teaching, Andre Du Plessis, Director of Foreign Exchange and Cooperation, and Xue Gang, Executive Director, attended the symposium, which was hosted by Zhang Jiansheng, the Head of International Exchange Center of Yunnan University of Business Management.


    Yunnan 万博manbext官网下载_manbext万博官网_万博网页版登陆 has always attached the great importance to the international development of education and is committed to exploring the international development suitable path  for the three schools of the group. Through unremitting efforts, the number and quality of returned teachers in Yunnan University of Business Management have made a qualitative leap. At present, the group has more than 100 returnee teachers, and has established a returnee teaching team with good language ability, strong professional knowledge and comprehensive quality from more than 18 countries or regions, including the United States, Britain, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Germany, France, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong China and Macao China, etc. 93% of the returned teachers have master's degree or above, and their professional background includes accounting, finance, media, engineering, art, education, management and biological science, which lays a solid foundation for the future international development of the group and the schools.


    Andre Du Plessis, the Director of Foreign Exchange and Cooperation,has made publicity and implementation from the eight parts of the group's future international development and four aspects of Hanwen International brand. Hanwen group is committed to learning advanced international educational management concepts, strengthening international exchanges and cooperation, improving the high-level applied personnel training system, promoting the high-quality development of higher vocational education, and cultivating applied and skilled personnel with international vision as the goal, striving to integrate the regional advantages of Yunnan Province, carry out the internationalization of higher vocational education, and improve the service for Yunnan province The ability and level of industrial transformation and upgrading and regional economic and social development, release the potential of two-ways international exchange and cooperation in education, form a favorable pattern of "consultation, co-construction and sharing", and effectively promote the development of international exchange and cooperation in education in Yunnan Province.

    At the symposium, every returned teacher spoke enthusiastically, actively explored the international development channels of the school, and exchanged in-depth with the group and school leaders on the topics of innovation and exploration of the school's talent training mode and foreign language teaching mode. "We are a group of doers with the world in mind. We know that only by being confident in China's development direction in terms of road, theory, system and culture can we make China stronger on the world stage." said Mr. Zhang Yuqing of the College of Finance and Accounting and Ms. Yue Yang of from the Medical College of YUBM, "We believe that the school will make its contribution to the construction of the group and Yunnan after gathering the strength of these doers. "

    Secretary Ping Jin said that the activities are the bridge and link between the party and the overseas returning talents, the assistant of the party and the government to do a good job in the work of overseas students, and the home of the overseas students. The university should unite the overseas students more closely around the party, and provide a wide range of strength support for the coordinated promotion of the "four comprehensive" strategic layout, the realization of the "two centenary goals" and the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Secretary Ping Jin encouraged all returned teachers to make more contributions to the development of Yunnan University of Business Management in terms of discipline construction, scientific and technological innovation, talent training and social services.


    Chairman Yang Hongwei said that the group and the schools have always attached great importance to the work of returned overseas talents. As an important force to strengthen the school with talents, the group and the schools have continued to expand the international and diversified vision of teachers through "going out and coming in" and other ways. At present, the group has more than 100 returned overseas talents. Reviewing the development of Hanwen, the wisdom and contribution of returned overseas students are condensed everywhere. Chairman Yang Hongwei fully affirmed the contributions made by returned overseas students in the development of the group and the school, analyzed the current situation, pointed out the opportunities and challenges faced by returned overseas students, and encouraged them to learn for life and contribute their own values to the society with their own personal entrepreneurial stories. Chairman Yang Hongwei said that the group will make every effort to build three comprehensive ability promotion platforms for returned teachers: First, provide a project management platform; Second, set up a series of lectures with the theme of international culture, and set up elective courses with credits to encourage everyone to explore the world, so that students of Hanwen can have a window to expand international vision; Third, the group will rely on Yunnan Internet E-Science and Technology Industrial Park's innovation and entrepreneurship center has built an international innovation and entrepreneurship platform and an Hanwen international cultural street to support teachers' innovation and entrepreneurship.


    At the end of the activity, the teachers at the meeting said that as members of Hanwen family, we should take "one group, one dream and one home" as our creed, contribute to the bright future of Hanwen family, make our own contribution to the happy life of Hanwen family, and work together to create a bright future of Hanwen!

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