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    Yunnan 万博manbext官网下载_manbext万博官网_万博网页版登陆 and Shandong SOOC Network Education Technology Signed the Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement

    2020年07月03日      0      不详

    On July 2, the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation agreement between Yunnan Hanwen Education Investment Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Yunnan 万博manbext官网下载_manbext万博官网_万博网页版登陆") and Shandong SOOC Class Network Education Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "SOOC class network") was held on Haiyuan campus. The signing ceremony was presided over by Liu Gengyue, deputy director of the group's investment and operation Department. Professor Huang Guizhou, chairman of SOOC class network and director of ESB China Management Center, and Ms. Yang Hongwei, chairman of Yunnan Hanwen education group, attended the signing ceremony and delivered a speech.


    Meeting site

    Ms. Lin Hongxia, assistant of the president of SOOC and executive director of ESB China Management Center; Bao Fujiang, manager of operation support center of SOOC and support manager of ESB China Management Center; Duan Jinfen, financial director of Yunnan 万博manbext官网下载_manbext万博官网_万博网页版登陆; Gao Xiuyu, risk control director; Xue Gang, administrative director; Zeng Qingyi, operation director; Liu Ziyan, director of investment and operation department; and director of education and teaching management department Zhen Zhen and other leaders witnessed the signing ceremony.


    Yang Hongwei, Chairman of Yunnan 万博manbext官网下载_manbext万博官网_万博网页版登陆

    Chairman Yang Hongwei highly appreciated the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement. She said that 万博manbext官网下载_manbext万博官网_万博网页版登陆 has carried out in-depth cooperation with Huawei, Alibaba and many other enterprises. The signing of strategic cooperation agreement with SOOC class network in the field of virtual reality education is the result of complementary advantages of both sides and strong alliance. 万博manbext官网下载_manbext万博官网_万博网页版登陆 will take the signing of this strategic cooperation agreement as an opportunity to deepen the all-round cooperation with SOOC course network, and jointly explore the fields of innovation and entrepreneurship education and virtual reality education in Colleges and universities, so as to provide students with higher quality professional courses.

    SOOC 3.jpg

    Huang Guizhou, Chairman of SOOC class network and Director of ESB China Management Center

    Professor Huang Guizhou said that as a high-tech enterprise, SOOC is committed to being a leader in the practice and evaluation of innovation and entrepreneurship education in China. Virtual reality education is one of the three major services of SOOC. In the construction of virtual reality professional laboratory, SOOC course network has unique advantages, and has cooperated with many colleges and universities in the construction of virtual reality professional laboratory. This strategic cooperation will deepen and expand the width and breadth of cooperation between SOOC class network and 万博manbext官网下载_manbext万博官网_万博网页版登陆, and provide high-quality teaching resources such as professional courses and learning platforms for students in the field of virtual reality.

    SOOC 4.jpg

    Agreement signed by both parties

    After the meeting, the two sides signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Yunnan 万博manbext官网下载_manbext万博官网_万博网页版登陆 and Shandong SOOC  Network Education Technology will conduct comprehensive cooperation in the virtual reality professional co-construction, virtual reality teaching cloud platform, virtual reality teacher training, postal talent training, and "Internet plus" new media base operation. We expect both sides to play their respective advantages in this cooperation and jointly promote the development of virtual reality education for college students. 

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