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  • Vanessa Willenberg 韦南珊

    2020-05-28      2

    Vanessa Willenberg 韦南珊Foreign Teacher From Germany of Education Proficient in German, Spanish, English, Other Languages Rich Experience in Teaching German, Spanish, English Combination of Both German Rigorous Spanish Enthusiasm&nb

  • Andre Jacques Du Plessis 杜安睿

    2020-05-28      2

    Andre Jacques Du Plessis 杜安睿South African foreign teachersAccounting, University of WitwatersrandBankers entrepreneurs keen on Chinese cultureExplorers of education internationalizationAssistant chairman director of foreign exchange cooperation of Yu

  • Haiyuan English Corner is Open. Let's Learn English Together. ​

    2020-05-28      12

    Haiyuan English Corner is Open. Lets Learn English Together. In order to improve the groups staffs oral English communication ability, strengthen the pertinence practicability of English teaching, provide high-quality teaching ser