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    Yunnan University of Business Management Establishes Six Research Institutes to Build a New Mechanism of Collaborative Education of Government, Industry, University, Research and Application

    2020年05月28日      0      不详

    Yunnan University of Business Management Establishes Six Research Institutes to Build a New Mechanism of Collaborative Education of Government, Industry, University, Research and Application

    For a long time, Yunnan University of Business Management has been insisting on "application-oriented scientific research, strengthening scientific research to promote teaching and serve local economic construction" and paying attention to the scientific research and social service functions of the University. In recent years, in combination with the layout of key industries and disciplines in Yunnan Province, the university has integrated the resources of schools, enterprises and governments, introduced famous teachers, experts and scholars from universities, industries and enterprises, successively established scientific research institutions such as modern supply chain research institute, Rural Revitalization Research Institute, industrial intelligent application technology research institute, etc., built a platform for industry university research cooperation, and promoted the application-oriented school University Construction and discipline development.

    College of Finance and Accouting | Accounting Big Data Accounting Research Institute


    Under the guidance of industry education integration and school enterprise cooperation, the school of Finance and accounting promoted education and teaching reform, established "big data accounting research institute", and set up 5 projects of industry education integration and collaborative education of the Ministry of education and 3 provincial quality projects.

    "Big Data Accounting Research Institute" is closely based on the College of Finance and Accouting. Based on the solid foundation of accounting, financial management, auditing, etc., it focuses on the business big data to open big data management and application majors. It strengthens the all-round cooperation between Tonghui and the University (hpeu for short) to provide students with high-end innovation, technology leading high-quality higher education. No Break the system and mechanism of Innovation Research Institute, employ famous experts and scholars from colleges and universities, extensively attract top management elites of enterprises to join in, and actively innovate the talent cultivation mode of accounting, finance and financial big data; create a new professional experience for students, and provide extension capabilities covering business and leadership, technological transformation and upgrading, industrial talent cultivation, etc. on the basis of traditional main professional capabilities Education solutions, graduates can not only close to the real needs, but also have strong development potential.

    International Business College | Modern Supply Chain Research Institute


    In October 28, 2018, to actively carry out the one belt, one road initiative, and Yunnan's construction of radiation center for South Asia and Southeast Asia, and the integration of the relevant research strength and resources of the Yunnan University of Business Management , were set up to build a modern supply chain research platform, with the supply chain and Internet, Internet of things deep. With integration as the path, supported by informatization, standardization, credit system construction research and talent training, we have innovated and developed new concepts, technologies and models of supply chain, effectively integrated various resources and elements, and improved the level of industrial integration and coordination, involving the business flow, logistics, information flow and capital flow of modern supply chain as well as related specialties, especially marketing and international Trade, logistics management, e-commerce and human resource management majors, etc., build a smart supply chain system with big data support, network sharing and intelligent collaboration as the main content of social services, form a unique research direction and characteristics in scientific research and social services, and gradually develop into a research platform of colleges and universities with social influence.

    Engineering College | Industrial Intelligence Application Technology Research Institute


    On December 22, 2018, the Institute of industrial intelligent application technology of Yunnan University of Business Management was established. The Institute conforms to the national strategy and the industrial planning of Yunnan Province, and conforms to the guidance of new engineering construction of the Ministry of education. It will build a multi-disciplinary collaborative training platform integrating research, teaching, production and teaching in Yunnan University of Business Management, and the Research Institute will become the basis for the construction of Engineering advantage disciplines. The research institute grasps the application frontier of intelligent technology, introduces enterprises to jointly build, and establishes four research rooms: BIM integrated application technology, Internet of things and robot intelligent application, smart grid application, rail transit and automobile. Form the practice teaching support conditions of the integration of science and education, production and education.

    College of education | Children's Development Institute


    On April 28, 2019, the children's Development Research Institute of Yunnan University of Business Management was established to study the future oriented form of children's education. Focusing on the fundamental problem of who, how and for whom to cultivate people, the Institute strives to give full play to the contribution of private education, adheres to the principle of cultivating people, takes problem research as the guide, serves children's growth and development, and will focus on children's growth Four basic questions: what kind of era is the future, what children should grow up like, how children should grow up, how to design children's growth, organize various disciplines to study children's growth, study future oriented children's education form, promote technological innovation and development in children's field, and combine the education specialty group of Education College with the existing foundation To meet the needs of construction, the government, primary schools, kindergartens and brotherly colleges and universities should be introduced.

    Understand the policy orientation, the needs of the industry and enterprises, and grasp the research frontier of children's development. Based on the society and the research on children's cognitive development, we should strengthen the research on children's socialization and culture, and carry out problem research, project declaration, school enterprise cooperation and achievement output in various fields of children's development and growth, so as to achieve development and form a brand.

    College of Arts and Humanities | Rural Revitalization Research Institute


    On December 19, 2018, Yunnan University of Business Management established the Rural Revitalization Research Institute. The establishment of Rural Revitalization Research Institute will rely on the existing resources, based on the cultivation of environmental design professionals, expand scientific research and teaching resources, promote the cooperation between school enterprises and school administration, build a platform for scientific research, research and cooperative education, and devote to serving the regional economic, cultural and social development, and contribute to the cause of Rural Revitalization. The Rural Revitalization Research Institute can solve the problem of the school's ability to serve the society, improve the school's running strength and scientific research level, and improve the teachers' scientific research ability. At the same time, the school also has a number of teacher studios to solve the problem of integration of production and education, quality and professional development of applied talents training.

    At the same time, the Rural Revitalization Research Institute also integrates scientific research resources, exercises scientific research team, promotes school enterprise cooperation, school government cooperation and promotes the important ways and requirements of school influence. The cooperation between our school and enterprises, as well as the governments at all levels in Kunming, is getting closer and closer. Through the establishment of the Rural Revitalization Research Institute, it can play a role of link in the cooperation between school enterprises and school administration. Relying on the existing resources, i.e. Taiping new town cultural, creative and Guanglan project site in Anning City, the research institute can focus on organizing the advantageous scientific research resources in the Institute and our university, realize the comprehensive connection with the local governments at all levels and the practical problems of enterprises, break through the low-end cooperation mode with single teachers, projects and single academic team in the past school government, school enterprise cooperation, and transform the government The cooperation between enterprises and universities is promoted from project level or product level to initial decision-making and overall development design level, so as to realize the combination of development and demand, technology and resources, talent training and project development.

    Medical college | Institute of Natural Medicine


    In September 2013, Yunnan University of Business Management established natural medicine research institute. The Institute has pharmacology department, drug analysis department and preparation department. Based on the natural drug resources with Yunnan characteristics, the Institute will develop Yunnan characteristic drugs and ethnic medicine with the development mode of learning, research, production and combination of production, learning and research, and carry out in-depth research and deep processing to accelerate its modernization process, so as to improve the discipline construction, personnel training, teaching and scientific research of Yunnan University of Business Management contribute.

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