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    Yunnan 万博manbext官网下载_manbext万博官网_万博网页版登陆 “School Enterprise Cooperation Application Ability Promotion Research Institution” Was Established

    2020年08月03日      0      不详

    On the afternoon of July 28th, the unveiling ceremony of "School Enterprise Cooperation Application Ability Promotion Research Institution" jointly established by Yunnan Private Entrepreneurs Association and Yunnan Hanwen Education Investment Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as 万博manbext官网下载_manbext万博官网_万博网页版登陆) and the promotional activities of "Shanghai-Yunnan Cooperation - Helping College Students Start Their Own Businesses into the Campus" was held in the lecture hall on the third floor of the rehabilitation training center of the Haiyuan campus. 

    This is a powerful measure to accelerate the integration of “Industry and Education” and “School Enterprise Cooperation”, and promote the organic convergence of education chain, talent chain, industry chain and innovation chain. It will open the road of Shanghai-Yunnan cooperation to help college students start their own businesses, and promote Yunnan's "one county, one fruit" to the whole country, and help the development of Yunnan’s medicine, health, ecological agriculture, green food and other industries.


    Hua Zefei, President of Yunnan Private Entrepreneurs Association; Zou Ping, former deputy director of Education Department of Yunnan Province and President of Yunnan Private Education Association; Tan Cong, former deputy director of Law Working Committee of Yunnan Provincial People's Congress Standing Committee; Wang Xu, doctor of medical genetics of Fudan University and former director of School of Life and Sciences of Yunnan Normal University; Zou Li, Secretary General of Yunnan Private Entrepreneurs Association; and deputy director of Yunnan Private Entrepreneurs Association Secretary General; Yang Bing, executive director of Shanghai Entrepreneurs Association and executive vice president of Yunnan Private Entrepreneurs Association, Li Li, executive director of Yunnan Fruit Industry Development Committee, Feng Zhentai, chairman of Shanghai Nongle Biological Products Co., Ltd.; Fei Jian, chairman of Zhong Nong Lian agricultural Co., Ltd.; Li Yu, chairman of Shanghai Kezero Network Technology Co., Ltd., and other relevant leaders and partners from 万博manbext官网下载_manbext万博官网_万博网页版登陆  attended the unveiling ceremony, including Chairman Yang Hongwei; President of Yunnan Medical Health College, Jia Yong; Vice President of Yunnan University of Business Management and Yunnan Polytechnic College Huang he; Education and Teaching Director of 万博manbext官网下载_manbext万博官网_万博网页版登陆, Song Feiyu; and Jiao Yanjun the general manager of Yunnan Hanwen Group students online Business Venture Park. Yang Ling, vice president of 万博manbext官网下载_manbext万博官网_万博网页版登陆, presided over the unveiling ceremony.


    On behalf of 万博manbext官网下载_manbext万博官网_万博网页版登陆, Yunnan University of Business Management, Yunnan Medical Health College and Yunnan Polytechnic College, Chairman Yang Hongwei first extended a warm welcome to all the leaders and partners who attended the event, and expressed her heartfelt thanks to Yunnan Private Enterprise Association, relevant leaders and teachers of the school who have done a lot of work for the school enterprise cooperation. Chairman Yang Hongwei expounded the importance and timeliness of the establishment of the  “School Enterprise Cooperation Application Ability Promotion Research Institution” with the three orientations of "condensing talents, integrating resources", "creating characteristics, helping personnel training" and "establishing standards and service industry", and put forward three expectations for the inauguration of the "Research Institute for enhancing the application ability of school enterprise cooperation": injecting vitality and innovation into dual education Business incubator input power to help regional economic development. Yang Hongwei, chairman of the board of directors, said that we should take this opportunity to seize the opportunity of school enterprise cooperation, seek collaborative development of education, comprehensively promote the reform and innovation of talent training mode of integration of industry and education, and constantly improve the collaborative education ability of schools, industry enterprises, government agencies and scientific research institutes.


    Zou Ping, former deputy director of the Education Department of Yunnan Province and President of Yunnan Private Education Association, said in his speech that for application-oriented universities, deepening the integration of production and education and school enterprise cooperation should be regarded as the source and goal of school development. In the construction of local industrial clusters and the development of regional parks and enterprises where the school is located, it is necessary to identify and constantly consolidate the school running rules We should focus on improving the participation and contribution rate of schools in local economic and social development. He pointed out that the first thing is to establish a complete system and plan and implement the plan. Second, the project and results should be oriented, and the research institute should have projects implemented. Third, we should pay attention to give full play to the enthusiasm of enterprises and schools in school enterprise cooperation. Schools should cultivate qualified talents according to the needs of enterprises. Fourth, it is necessary to make a breakthrough in the promotion of application ability and fully reflect the advantages of private system and mechanism.


    Subsequently, eight representatives from industrial enterprises respectively gave a lecture on "Shanghai Yunnan cooperation - helping college students start their own businesses on campus". With new ideas, new ideas and new perspectives, they shared their entrepreneurial experience for the guests and teachers and students, and expounded the future development trend of the industry, which benefited everyone a lot.


    Zheng Yunxia, chairman of Shanghai Jingying Haojia health management company and director of Yunnan Yunnan fruit Committee: Prospect of Yunnan Yunnan fruit industry and school enterprise cooperation.


    Li Yu, CEO of Shanghai kezero Network Technology Co., Ltd.: the role of e-commerce new concepts in the market.


    He Duo, chairman of Weibang sensory certification (Nanjing) Co., Ltd.: school enterprise cooperation: the importance of science and Technology Application Laboratory. 


    Feng Zhentai, chairman of Shanghai Nongle Biological Products Co., Ltd.: the important role of biopesticide and organic fertilizer in agriculture. 


    Yin Lianhua, chairman of Shanghai Liangjun Information Technology Co., Ltd.: digital agriculture needs applied talents of science and technology.


    Zou Xiaoming, chairman of Shanghai pinfu Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd., "how to empower modern college students with IP brand and digital technology". 


    Fei Jian, chairman of Shanghai Zhongnonglian agricultural Co., Ltd.: how to achieve the "king of single product" of Yunnan fruit. 


    Jiaoyanjun, general manager of Yunnan Hanwen college students online business Pioneer Park Management Co., Ltd.: Construction of innovative and Entrepreneurial University of Yunnan University of Business Management. 

    After the lecture, vice president Yang Ling read out the decision on the establishment of a Research Institute for enhancing the application ability of school enterprise cooperation. Based on the cooperation between Yunnan Private Entrepreneurs Association and Yunnan Hanwen education group, the "school enterprise cooperation application ability promotion research institute" employs well-known experts, scholars and entrepreneurs at home and abroad. Through the integration of social resources such as government, enterprises and research institutions, the Institute jointly carries out the research and social services of school enterprise cooperation application ability improvement urgently needed by social and economic development, and helps Yunnan medicine , big health, ecological agriculture, green food and other industries. The research institute has set up an office in the education and teaching management department of Yunnan Hanwen education group, which is responsible for daily management. Yang Hongwei and Hua zefei are appointed Honorary Presidents, Zheng Yunxia and Yang Ling are presidents, and Zou Li, song Feiyu, Li Li, Yang Ping and Jiao Yanjun are vice presidents. 


    Hua zefei, President of the association of private entrepreneurs in Yunnan Province and honorary president of the Research Institute for improving the application ability of school enterprise cooperation, said that it is of great significance to introduce entrepreneurs into university campuses and has a great effect on college students. The ability to build a "school enterprise cooperation Application Ability Improvement Research Institute" together with the entrepreneur association fully shows that 万博manbext官网下载_manbext万博官网_万博网页版登陆 has advanced consciousness and strategic vision. He said that as a college student, he must have ambition, be determined to be a person who has contributed to the society, and must firmly believe that he can become a successful person; he must have methods, learn successful methods from successful people, and avoid taking unnecessary detours; he must have a goal, and only when he has a goal can he have the motive force to advance and persevere in realizing it. Hua zefei's last affectionate message to the students present: once the dream is put into action, it will become sacred. Take the dream as the horse, live up to the charm, and strive to make contributions to the social development at a higher level!


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